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Thermal 100 Heat Insulation Paint

Thermal 100 Thermal Insulation Paint is a social responsibility project of our company aiming to reduce energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions.
Produced using micro ceramic spheres, Thermal 100 is in compliance with the environment and is the new milestone of the insulation industry.
As DryFIX, we believe that the needs of the modern day should be responded with innovative products using modern technology.
With our actions and products; we are planning to leave our children and grandchildren a world turned into a comfortable and energy-efficient place.
In terms of environmental qualities and ease of application, liquid insulation products have always been outstanding and privileged. However, the quality of the DryFiX product is beyond that. Our products don’t contain any unnecessary and harmful substances while containing everything needed for the perfect product.
It provides all thermal bridges with a seamless application, without the need for auxiliary products such as dowels, plaster, glue, etc. contained in traditional heat insulation packages. 
DryFiX Thermal 100 Thermal insulation paint is an excellent insulation product with its thermal performance and product quality. It is easy to apply and economical compared to alternative heat insulation products such as sheathing. It offers a perfect product texture thanks to the investments made in production technology. 
DryFiX Cold Climatic Thermal 100 raises your indoor air quality and diminishes your carbon footprint significantly by removing petroleum-based non-renewable chemicals found in conventional binders.
The best way to extend the life of energy reserves is to use them more efficiently. The more economic energy we get, the less effort we put to save the energy. By using the most appropriate insulation solution, we consume less of our energy sources thus prolonging their life. As a result our dependence on the use of fossil fuels and imported oil will lessen and we will achieve a stronger national energy security. Furthermore by doing so greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced.
If you choose to use Thermal 100 Thermal insulation paint produced at DryFiX facilities, you will surely get the best performance. As DryFiX, we are the experts of environment friendly, energy-saving, prudent and structural solutions.
Now it is time to take more responsibility and do whatever necessary for energy saving. It is time to go beyond traditional methods and adopt new technologies that are more sustainable and greener. We all have the power to make a difference in saving energy and protecting the environment. Each insulation product we produce makes a difference in energy saving, renewable and recycled materials.