No Fire Paint

Objects that are applied with non-flammable paint show resistance to high temperature which occurs owing to the fire. This resistance prevents the loss of lives by extending the escape time during the fire. You can higher the fire response class of the products by applying fire resistant paint to flammable household items such as wood (doors, windows, table chairs, etc.). We recommend you to use No Fire Fireproof Solution in your products such as Curtain, Carpet, and Sofa. It is an odorless liquid with a transparent color that is used on all absorbent surfaces. Thanks to this feature you can turn the goods with high burning risk into incombustible goods.
During the fire, there may be break downs in the building due to melting of supporting elements such as iron, steel, etc. Fire exit stairs, the supporting elements of prefabricated or steel constructions are painted with fireproof paint to delay the heating time of the iron. This enables the exit routes to remain open until everyone is evacuated. You can paint your Fire Door with fire resistant “No Fire Paint”
We recommend that you receive Fire Risk Analysis for the construction of suitable habitats according to the Regulations on Fire Protection of Buildings.
Firefighting Fire Compliance Report and Operating License require fireproof paints in some certain parts of the construction. In the kitchen parts of constructions, fire resistance is of high importance. Standard interior-exterior façade and ceiling paints are risky because they are not produced with resistance to Fire Resins.
In building coating applications, low fire resistant products such as XPS and EPS, are easily flammable, the paints used on these thermal Insulation systems should be Fireproof Paint.
Usage areas of Dryfix “No Fire Paint” fireproof paint are Fire Cabin, Fire Stairs, Fire Chamber, Wooden House, Boat, Ship, Yacht, Sandwich Panel, Steel Structure, Prefabricated House, Defense Industry, Military, Drywall, Osb, Fuel Tank, Furniture, Server Room.
Among the ASTM standards of the United States, (Flame Spread Test, Heat Transfer Test and General Glare Test) was applied on No Fire Paint and positive results were obtained. Using No Fire Paint, you can enhance the surface burning resistance of the materials used in your building, creating Fire Barrier.
Fire Resistance Tests (Spark Propagation, Surface Flammability) conducted in Fire Research Laboratory has given efficient results and they have been given the names of Fire Resistant Paint, Fire Prevention Coating, Fire Retardant Coating, and Fireproof Coating.
Nonflammable Solution is a liquid, transparent and odorless product. It is applied to all absorbent surfaces. Objects that have been applied and dried become immune to heat and won’t burn when they are exposed to fire.
No Fire Flammable Solution usage areas: House (Curtain, Carpet, Fabric, Sofa, Chair, etc.). In insulation sector Non-Fire Moisture Barrier, Fireproof Steam Balancing Covers, Non-Fire Acoustic Sponge and Non-Fire Resistant Rubber Properties are achieved with No Fire solution.
It is applied to the object by spraying method. Depending on the product, immersion is also common. It can be used on Osb, Chipboard, Mdf, Plywood during production in the factory.
It is not suitable for the use of construction and industrial paints. Dryfix “No Fire Paint” is recommended for fire resistant, fireproof paint.
Nonflammability Solution; it cuts off the contact of the applied surface area with oxygen and at the same time it isolates the high temperature which is formed in the fire with the Thermal Insulation feature. Non-flammable objects do not create smoke, and as a result Carbon Monoxide poisoning does not occur.
DryFix No Fire solution offers a complete fireproof feature. Even in very fast flammable products such as wood, paper, fabric, ignition is not observed in the applied tests.
Fire Resistant Products used with DryFix No Fire:
Fireproof Fabric, Fireproof Wood, Fireproof Carpet, Fireproof Paper, Fireproof Curtain, Fireproof Seat, Fireproof Door, Fireproof House, Fireproof Plaster, Fireproof Canvas, Fireproof Barbecue Cover, Fireproof Gloves, Fireproof Blanket, Fireproof Sandwich Panel, Fireproof Stretch, Fireproof EPS, Fireproof Net, Fireproof Clothing, Fireproof Rope, Fireproof Foam, Fireproof Labyrinth Sponge, Fireproof Sheet, Fireproof Construction Site Tent, Fireproof Insulation Sponges, Fireproof Work Clothes, Fireproof Tent and Fireproof Furniture.

Heat Insulation Paint

Does Heat Insulation Work?
With Thermal 100 Heat Insulation Paint summer heat and winter cold is insulated. This is thanks to its reflection feature. The heat that falls on it reflected back in the direction where it came from. You can see the difference between a non-insulated surface and insulated just by touching the applied surface with your hand. The wall in the buildings constitutes of 40% of the total construction, and the Outer Thermal Coating can only be applied to the walls, providing up to 40% Thermal Insulation. After the application is done, you can get the Energy Identity Card.
Dryfix’s Practice Experts are responsible for paying the Energy Identity Certificate for you.

Heat Insulation Paint Coating

Advantages of Thermal Insulation Paint & Thermal Paints compared to Thermal Coating Insulation System:
– Your building does not get drilled every square meters for dowel holes and your building will not be damaged when external insulation is getting done.
– Your building does not receive any extra load, meaning instead of loading 12 kg weight per square meters with coating, it is loaded only about 1 kg per square meter with Thermal Paint Base and Heat Insulation Pain
– Outer Front Insulation Material won’t be cracked easily on the outer surface of the building as it has 300% elasticity rate.
– It does not contain petroleum products such as EPS, XPS, as a result it is a fireproof thermal insulation material.
– It does not take as much labor as coating. So there won’t be a construction site for months waiting around your building.
– Thermal Paint, thanks to its soft texture provides up to 5 decibels soundproofing. On the other hand EPS, XPS, Stone Wool Heat insulation systems increase the intensity of the sound coming from outside due to the formation of hard surfaces of plates and plaster.
-Local repair is easy and economical. Surface can be painted with any kind of exterior paint
-Your building will not be closed for the Water Vapor Pass. Your building will be able to breathe easily. Moisture does not form mold on the interior wall.
– It insulates the entire surface of the building. It does not allow heat to escape and won’t allow heat bridges.